Manufacturing software that connects critical data to uncover answers

At Synchronous, we synchronize siloed production data from ERP, MES, gantt charts, and spreadsheets in a centralized platform and layer customized modules on top for data visualization, analysis, and collaboration.

Our flagship product Zeno helps factories make better production decisions in real-time by empowering all factory personnel to become data analysts for an increasingly data driven future.

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Factory teams are 3x more productive with Synchronous Zeno

Production data and analysis remains scattered and siloed across ERP, MES, gantt charts, and hand crafted spreadsheets. The lack of dedicated tooling on data management, visualizations, analysis, and collaboration leads to suboptimal decisions, costing factories billions of dollars per year.

Synchronous Zeno eliminates these inefficiencies with intuitive software that gives any factory user the superpowers of a data analyst. Zeno works in tandem with existing software tools to automatically uncover insights, opportunities, and optimizations, giving factories the technology foundation for an increasingly data driven future.

"Synchronous Zeno simply works.
Set up only took 4 weeks and our users were trained and surfacing insights within a matter of hours."

The world's first Manufacturing Data Studio (MDS)

Synchronous Zeno

Integrate your critical data from existing ERP, MES, gantt charts, and spreadsheets. Empower factory personnel with a centralized tool and customized modules to visualize, analyze, and collaborate on critical production data. Uncover answers to drive better production decisions in real-time.
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A central hub for data integration, analysis, and collaboration

Transform your factory in just 4 weeks

We understand that multi-month technology projects simply take too much bandwidth and time to generate transformational ROI. Our forward deployed engineers do the heavy lifting to set up your factory's knowledge graph, connect your data, and customize the modules necessary to start generating insights from your factory data in just 4 weeks.

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