To increase industrial productivity
with stoic manufacturing

Manufacturing generates over $15 trillion dollars in value per year. It’s the bedrock of the global economy, providing crucial jobs for millions of people while creating goods the entire world depends on. Take a quick look around you - chances are you're surrounded by goods that came out a factory, somewhere at some point in time.

Despite the foundational role manufacturing plays in the global economy and its pervasiveness in all of our lives, the decisions made to run multi-billion dollar factories can be extremely manual, based on gut feel, and static despite the changes happening every hour and every minute. Factory users should know exactly what tradeoffs are being made, the quantitative impact on business metrics, and not have to firefight every time a change comes up. We liken the current software tools and technologies used to generate and update production plans and schedules as the “horse and carriage.” The existing data structures, databases, and operations research optimizers can only go so far. The future demands an exponential jump in technologies, the “automobile” in a sense to take decision making and factory operations to the next level.

Alongside these core observations, we consistently saw and heard how enterprise manufacturing software is outrageously dated in terms of user interface, a pain to use, and notoriously difficult to customize. Not to mention, the software vendor does everything they can to lock factories into their ecosystem, while “nickel and diming” for every additional module or support request, with very little to show in terms of the latest technologies available.

We set out to build software that fundamentally challenges many of the assumptions and accepted truths in the manufacturing industry. We call our approach "stoic manufacturing." Unexpected and last minute events will always happen in manufacturing. Based on stoic philosophy, we believe that the future winners in manufacturing will accept and embrace constant and unpredictable change at a fundamental level. This shift in perspective and technology can unlock better decisions, greater output, and lower costs, not to mention, less stress and headaches.

Our company is committed to building the technologies and solutions which accept and model the realities factories face on a daily basis to help increase industrial productivity.