Synchronous uses technology to solve manufacturing’s biggest challenges and improve people's lives.

We’re not afraid to take contrarian positions and stand by them.

We believe most enterprise software companies in manufacturing compromise technical innovation and customer success by prioritizing sales and marketing at all costs.

We believe there’s far too much talk on industry jargon such as Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain, and Quantum Computing and not enough action on solving real problems in manufacturing.

We believe there are too many startups and investors operating in their respective spheres for quick gains and not for the genuine pursuit and craft of entrepreneurship, to build innovative technology solutions to help people solve problems that matter.

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ELEGANT SOLUTIONS: We strive to solve problems with clean solutions where each element has a clear purpose. We want our solutions to be so intuitive and well designed, that people fall into the “pit of success.” We routinely take a step back to see if existing solutions can be done better, consolidated, or eliminated altogether.

COMMUNICATE EFFECTIVELY: We make an extra effort to listen carefully to our counterparts and ask if something is not clear. We take additional time to gather our thoughts and conduct research to the best of our abilities before asking questions. We assume good intent in all written and verbal communication channels.

HIGHEST TRUTHS: We strive to create an environment where ideas, even ones that may seem insignificant or obvious, can flow freely. We do not take it personally if our ideas or proposals are not chosen or considered in depth, so long as they have been received respectfully. We debate openly and directly with one another in search of the best answers, relying on facts, logic, and evidence, and not on seniority, aggressiveness, gut feel, or emotions.

EMPATHY FOR OTHERS: We understand that unseen factors, whether in or outside of professional life, may be on a counterpart’s mind. We put the collective group’s and other’s best interests first by actively recognizing and fighting our natural instinct to put ourselves in front. We do not rush to judgements and approach individual differences with an open mind.

SOLVE CUSTOMER PROBLEMS: We work closely with our customers to understand their problems and channel our resources to directly solve these problems in the simplest, most efficient ways possible. We communicate openly and honestly with customers, as long-term relationships mean more to us than short-term dollars. We measure our customers’ success through value creation and not revenue generation.