Biological manufacturing produces the raw building blocks powering chemical and pharmaceutical production across an array of critical products. While the latest advances in machine automation have made biological manufacturing processes significantly faster and safer, producing in batches can lead to uneven utilization and bottlenecks to cause build-ups at certain resources. Biological manufacturers must find better ways to stay on top of their production schedules and monitor their production across near and long-term time horizons.

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MODEL COMPLEX OPERATIONS AND DEPENDENCIES: Each configurable production line and individual machine may have unique capabilities with operation timings dependent on previous operations or the end product. Modeling these relationships can be done quickly and intuitively with our graph data structures and explorer.

GENERATE AND UPDATE SCHEDULES IN REAL-TIME: New customer requirements or unforeseen events can disrupt daily operations, with ad hoc decisions compounding problems or delaying inevitable issues down the road. Generate scenarios within seconds and compare tradeoffs to make decisions based on quantitative evidence for added confidence and peace of mind.

MAINTAIN COMPLETE TRACEABILITY FROM END-TO-END: Strict safety and regulatory requirements demand guaranteed traceability from raw materials all the way to end product. Automatically keep track of historical operations with search functionality and detailed views for deeper investigations.


    Generic graphic Quickly input customer requests and non-confirmed orders to check impact on utilization and completion dates

    Generic graphic Add operational granularity over time for greater scheduling precision


    Generic graphic Decrease changeovers

    Generic graphic Increase capacity utilization

    Generic graphic Increase on-time performance