CNC machining provides the precision and customization required across a variety of metal and plastic parts for industries including aerospace, automotive, medical, oil & gas, semiconductors, and more. Operating primarily as made-to-order, customer order due dates, their quantities, and machine capacities must be carefully balanced. Long-term visibility on order completion date probabilities and capacity leveling can be combined with short-term schedule sequences and capacity maximization.

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VIEW PROBABILISTIC ORDER COMPLETION DATES: With an order book of hundreds or thousands of outstanding customer orders, it’s imperative to know when orders can be expected to finish. Our planning algorithms can generate probabilities on the likelihood of order completion based on future dates. These probabilities become tighter and more certain as the due date approaches closer.

SMOOTHEN MACHINE UTILIZATION: Utilization for certain machines may spike as operations may unexpectedly bunch up weeks into the future. Keep a close eye on utilization as our algorithms automatically balance and smoothen utilization within a machine and across machine groups while highlighting potential bottleneck issues far in advance.

RECEIVE INSTANT FEEDBACK FROM THE FACTORY FLOOR: While operation starts and ends may already be captured by barcode, this data may not be readily accessible for analysis or feed into more accurate schedules. Tablets can be placed by machines for workers to easily key in when operations start/end to further increase schedule and plan accuracy, automatically update with the latest sequence of operations, and raise quaility issues or machine breakdowns.


    Generic graphic Quickly input customer requests and non-confirmed orders to check impact on utilization and completion dates

    Generic graphic Model intermediary operations such as welding, assembly, heat treatment, and more


    Generic graphic Increase capacity utilization

    Generic graphic Increase on-time performance