Spray drying provides critical dry powdered ingredients and final products for industries ranging from dairy to nutrition to pharmaceuticals. Production setups operating primarily through batches may necessitate complex cleaning rules, dependent on product specific characteristics, customer requirements, or quality specifications. Modeling these complex rules, unique from one factory to the next, to then generate a production schedule which adheres to these rules, while also optimizing for due dates and machine capaciites, is now within reach.

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MODEL AND HONE COMPLEX RULES: Complex changeover and cleaning rules may exist, currently known only to a few longtime experts or scattered across different systems. Flexibly capture these rules and iterate on them over time to discover new efficiencies through shorter changeovers in production, while guaranteeing adherance to all rules.

HANDLE QUANTITIES TO MAXIMIZE UTILIZATION: Orders with quantities larger than any single machine or multiple orders of the same product with varied quantities may come in over successive days. Our algorithms can combine or shard these quantities to best maximize utilization.

SMOOTHEN MACHINE UTILIZATION: Utilization for some machines may spike as orders with certain quantities may unexpectedly bunch up weeks into the future. Keep a close eye on utilization as our algorithms automatically balance and smoothen utilization within a machine and across machine groups while highlighting potential bottleneck issues far in advance.


    Generic graphic Quickly input customer requests and non-confirmed orders to check impact on utilization and completion dates

    Generic graphic Reduce water and chemical cleaning usage to take steps towards envrionmental and sustainability goals

    Generic graphic Build and drill down on rule logic using intuitive visual explorers


    Generic graphic Decrease cleanings

    Generic graphic Increase capacity utilization

    Generic graphic Increase on-time performance